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Snuba Maui

Amazing diving experience

Snuba Maui

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What is SNUBA?

SNUBA, which stands for Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus, is a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba diving. Participants of SNUBA breathe through a regulator and have the ability to swim up to 20 feet below the ocean’s surface without the use of an individual tank attached to their back, which remains in an inflatable pontoon raft on the ocean’s surface throughout the dive.

Requiring no certification or previous experience, SNUBA is a great way for people of all ages and skill levels to experience the beauty of Maui’s underwater ecosystems.

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As a participant of SNUBA, you will need the following equipment, all of which will be provided and explained prior to each and every tour:

In contrast to SCUBA Diving, where the diver carries an air tank on their back, SNUBA allows divers to leave the tank behind. SNUBA rafts hold divers’ air tanks at the surface so divers can move freely without too much heavy equipment. 20 foot long air lines connect divers to the raft at the surface.

The standard SNUBA raft holds 1 air cylinder in a recessed compartment, good for 2 guests. The SNUBA quad raft, alternately, holds 2 air cylinders and is good for 4 guests. The raft always uses a diver flag to alert people and other vessels in the area that divers are present.


Air Line



Weight Belt


Destination - Paradise

The Best
SNUBA Areas on Maui

Maui’s unique conditions make it one of the most incredible spots in the world for underwater activities. Plenty of sun, clean water, and wind protection make for great visibility, and when you combine that visibility with the many rare species of marine life that call Maui home, you get one of a kind opportunities to witness the beauty of the ocean from up close.

For everyone

Benefits of SNUBA

SNUBA requires no previous experience or certification, and is available for guests over the age of 8 with average health and no certain pre-existing respiratory or heart conditions, including dizziness, fainting, high blood pressure, recent surgery, blood disorder, seizures, and lung, chest or heart problems.

SNUBA allows for lightweight equipment, none of which you have to purchase or supply yourself. Whether you want to swim 2 feet, 10 feet or 20 feet below the surface, it’s up to you!

This is the perfect activity for couples, friends, family members, children and seniors, and is one of the easiest underwater activities available today.

Since 1987

History of SNUBA

In 1987, Californian diver and ski-shop owner Michael Stafford, along with his brother and a family friend, devised a unique system of snorkeling and scuba diving, now known as SNUBA. Together, the three entrepreneurs cofounded SNUBA International, Inc., where Michael served as CEO until 1994.

Since 1990, more than 5 million people have experienced SNUBA, which remains especially popular in places like Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Thailand.

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Pride of MAUI

Pride of Maui introduces more guests to SNUBA than any other vessel in the country! Each guests’ safety, well-being and fun is our top priority, and years of experience have made us true SNUBA pros!

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Varied fauna

Marine Life

While it’s difficult to guarantee anything when it comes to the ocean, some marine life you’re likely to encounter during your Maui SNUBA adventure includes…